Youth Soccer Coaching: Lessons from USA WC Game I

Youth Soccer Coaching: Lessons from USA WC Game I

by John Dingle

The US Men’s National team played Ghana in their first game of the 2014 world cup. Each US player possesses a soccer personality that allow them to fill roles for the team. The soccer personality is rooted deep in the player; as it is part of their overall personality, characteristics, attitude, and their physical characteristics. They developed their skill set because their soccer personality lead them in that direction. Youth coaches can help foster the move to the direction of player develop of each type of soccer personality.

Below is a chart of each starting player, the role they played, primary responsibilities, their must-have skill set, and ideas of how youth coaches can help develop these roles. Continue reading


World Cup Day 1 Observations

World Cup Day One Observations

South Africa  Vs. Mexico (1-1)

South Africa came out with a buzz kill approach for the first twenty minutes that nearly paid off at the end of the half as they were clearly the team with more energy.  They saved energy by being content to get numbers behind the ball while they allowed Mexico to use up energy and emotion.

Mexico crossing was very poor as they served balls that the keeper was able to cut off.  The first principle of crossing is to eliminate the keeper with the cross and Mexico failed in this area throughout the match.

South Africa made a great substitution to start the second half by changing the left side defenders.  Mexico exploited the left side throughout the first half.  Mexico did not have the success attacking from the left flank in the second half due to this substitution. Continue reading