While watching U7 and U8 games, I became very concerned with the number of coaches who planted a player in front of the goal.  I asked some of the coaches ‘How much fun is this player having?’.   Planting players in front of the goal is not only boring for this player, no development occurs.  At all ages players need to be connected to their team mates.  Lack of connection occurs at all levels of the game. Continue reading


Finishing the Half Chance

Finishing the Half Chance

The half chance is a term that is used to define a chance at goal that not all players see, and is lost quickly if not taken immediately.  Half chances occur unexpectedly and players need to be trained to be on the lookout. Continue reading

Accuracy and Pace in Passing

Accuracy and Pace in Passing
The weak link in progressing the ball up the field is poor passing.  Poor passes usually fall into two categories:  accuracy and pace.  Inaccurate passes are usually immediate turnovers.  Continue reading