When to Dribble and When to Pass?

When to Dribble/When to Pass Coach’s Clinic
August 29, 2011
by John Dingle

 The importance in developing dribbling ability in youth players can not be overstated.  This creative part of the game is needed in later years to break down organized defenses.  All players need to be able to dribble to keep possession when passing options are not available.  This session addresses the tactical side of dribbling: When to dribble.

The first stage is a warm up that I will go over the three ways to manipulate the ball for dribbling.  We then progress through a series of activities that challenge the player’s ability to recognize the right time to dribble.  We will give the players visual signs to look for to help them make the decision.  The best visual sign on when to dribble is ‘open space’.  Open space in front of an opponent allows the ball to progress forward while forcing the opponent to make a decision to confront the ball.  Dribbling is also called for when their is space behind the opponent.  The lack of cover allows for a reward when beating the confronting opponent.

We use a four goal game on a wide field to stretch the defense out.  This creates more dribbling opportunities.

Thee ways to manipulate the ball for dribbling Push Touch

Roll Touch

Chop Touch 

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