John DingleJohn Dingle has played at many levels of soccer.  His participation began as a 6 year old playing for the local recreation council.  Shortly after this, he played on a travel team and then later, a local club team.  During high school, John continued playing club soccer while playing junior varsity and varsity.  After high school, he played two years at a Junior College and two years at Central Connecticut State University (NCAA Division 1) as a scholarship player.  The fact he was not a great player increased his learning opportunities.  John had to work harder than other players and learn more about the game in an effort to compete.  He had the opportunity to learn from a number of talented coaches.  Most of these coaches were very good, a few were weaker.  He was able to learn from all.

During his time at CCSU, John began coaching in summer soccer camps.  He enjoyed the coaching and began to think of a career in the field.  The same effort he gave as a player were focused on learning the coaching trade.  John attempted to learn from everyone.  Two years later he began running soccer camps in Maryland for the USA Soccer School of Excellence,  now under the name Soccer Source 360, and coaching a youth team.  John began taking coaching courses and during the first course he was re-acquainted with John Ellinger. Later that year, John Ellinger offered him the position of Assistant Director of Coaching for the Soccer Association of Columbia. John Dingle continues to work for the Soccer Association of Columbia as the Director of Coaching, and he also coaches youth teams including Seton Keough High School(Girls).


John has worked full time in youth soccer over the past seventeen years.  He has worked with players as young as four and as old as seventeen in ongoing programs. He has had countless players go onto play collegiate soccer, numerous participate in the state and regional level of ODP, and a few participate with the USSF National ‘Youth’ team of their age.  John have been a featured clinician at numerous coaching symposiums and currently instructs state level coaching courses for the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association.  He is also the founder of both the Central Maryland Short Sided League(boys and girls U9-U11) and the Columbia Winter League(boys and girls U15-U18).


Training, evaluating and educating coaches is a large responsibility of his current position with the Soccer Association of Columbia. He began a coaching education newsletter 2003 in an effort to help coaches identify areas that needed attention. Since the beginning of the newsletter over 200 topics have been addressed.   He also has conducted many coach’s clinics for organizations who have requested help. 


Training players will always be a major part of his life as he gets great satisfaction from seeing players improve through their effort and time.  John has also found that working with coaches allows for a greater number of players to benefit from the knowledge he has gained.  Many times during coaching clinics, he has been asked if he has more activities in a written form.  When this question was asked, he thought to himself that he should write a book on player development.  As technology has improved, John elected the best way to reach the most coaches in a thorough manner is to provide animated activities.  From this, the Animated Activity Library was born. 


The Animated Activity Library will always be a work in progress as activities are added on a weekly basis.  The Animated Activity Library shows activities in motion that are part of a lesson play.  This library has lesson plans for coaches to use with players brand new to the game and  all the way up to players at the highest level.  We currently have over 1000 activities shown.  Coaches of all levels can gain great knowledge from a membership.  The most experienced coaches can find different activities, methods, and ideas to teach topics they are already comfortable with; while, new coaches can learn basic coaching methods and manners to teach. 


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