Animated Coach’s Library Affiliate Program

Is your organization interested in raising revenue while improving coaching education to those who visit your website?  The Animated Coach’s Library’s affiliation program can do both.  E-learning is the future in coaching education.  With more demands on coach’s time, the internet provides convenience coaches can take advantage of.  Continue reading


Functional Training: Holding Midfield Player

Functional Training: Roles of the Holding Midfielder

The major difference between average and above average teams is the holding midfield player. A good holding midfield player stops the opponent’s attack early and distributes the ball effectively to keep his/her team on the attack. This position is the new sweeper. Continue reading

Coaching A Training Session

Coaching A Training Session

Each training (practice) session needs to meet two objectives that lead to player development.  The first goal is to make the session enjoyable.  When players enjoy their soccer training they look forward to coming back, are more likely to practice on their own, and are more likely to watch games when possible.  Continue reading