Connecting Midfielders to Forwards

Connecting Midfielders to Forwards
Many teams observed over the past week failed to combine their forwards with midfielders in attack.  The problem can be seen in from two different perspectives.  Forwards often turn and attack in numbers down situations without looking to combine with midfield players.  On many occasions midfield players do not support the forwards once the ball has been played up the field.   Players need to understand that the team attacks as one unit. Continue reading


Channelling in Defense

Very few teams channel the ball.  Some of the teams that do use the tactic of channeling the ball use the tactic incorrectly.  Defenses should channel the ball into the middle of the field in the attacking and middle third.  Your team has help in the middle of the field and the space is compact.  When you channel the ball towards the sideline you put your player in an even numbers or numbers down situation.  The ball needs to be channeled towards the sideline in the defensive third. Continue reading

Tactical Changes During a Match

During most games the field gets stretched out as players tire.  This happens most often at the end of each half.  Some higher level teams take advantage of the open space by switching their outside midfield players and having them play more centrally.  Continue reading

Heading Crossed Balls at Far Post

Heading Crossed Balls at Far Post

Observations: College, high school, and youth games observed this past week all had shooting opportunities at the far post from the head wasted.  As the ball travels across the goal, the keeper comes across the goal.  They move to protect the new near post.  Players need to be encouraged to play the ball back against the keeper’s momentum. Continue reading

Accuracy and Pace in Passing

Accuracy and Pace in Passing
The weak link in progressing the ball up the field is poor passing.  Poor passes usually fall into two categories:  accuracy and pace.  Inaccurate passes are usually immediate turnovers.  Continue reading

Switching the Point of Attack

Switching the Point of Attack
Many teams do not benefit from switching the point of attack. Teams that do not benefit from switching the point of attack fall into two categories. Continue reading

Adventures in the Artic

Week 8
Adventures in the Arctic

 Greet the players and let them know that today’s adventure will take them to the arctic.  In the arctic there will be opportunities to keep their balance on ice, stay on a floating ice berg, and avoid a Polar Bear. 

I can do this.  Can You?
The coach states that certain skills are needed in the arctic and he can do all of these skills.  Can they?  He can balance on one foot to prepare for slippery ice.  He/she can hop on one foot.  He/she can walk like a penquin.  He/she can jump from ice berg to ice berg.  Can they?
i can can you           Continue reading